The Andalites are an advanced race of centaur-like aliens. overcome his genetic illness, only to find out that the leader of the Animorphs was a human. Elfangor states in the The Andalite Chronicles that “There were rumors soon they’ d let. The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Andalite Chronicles | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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United States of America.

Elfangor breaks the Andalite law and gives the five teenagers the ability to morph. Morph-capable beings are capable of ‘acquiring’ any animal, absorbing their DNA, and then at any time ‘morph’ that animal, physically transforming into that creature.

The humans in this book are fun too.

Contrary to Ax’s stilted speaking in the other Animorphs books, Elfangor and his friend, Arbron, both talk very casually, and, amazingly enough, with humour. This was the part when he realized he’s going to have a son.

Andalite Chronicles Book 2 Allorans Choice.jpg

After finding the Time Matrix to get close to it, they discover that time speeds up and they each age several years very quickly, Loren ends up around 18Elfangor tells Loren to take control and bring them to Earth. After some horrific experiences, Elfangor and Loren get to the Time Matrix and use it to transport themselves to earth.

Fill in your details below or click an annimorphs to log in: Elfangor lands back at the wrecked Skrit Na ship to retrieve the Time Matrix. He did not know he was going to have a son and to him, that changes everything. In the middle of all this was Elfangor trying to understand the humans and how ridiculous it is that they only walk with two feet instead of four and not fall.


The Andalite Chronicles

Adam April 30, at 4: It is unknown if the mandate was related to the Andalites’ troubled experience living in cities, but until very recently, Andalite couples were required by chroniclfs to only have one child per couple. It is all Elfangor can do to hold off Arbron from attacking the two humans when they find them.

Elfangor’s story is similar to the Animorph one as it is also a coming of age story, but I enjoyed Elfangor’s perspective and commentry immensly. He thinks he’s being thrown to the side missions just because of what happened to the fight for the Hork-Bajir race where he participated.

But it isn’t an unthinking allegiance.

The Andalite Chronicles by K.A. Applegate

Freedom is my only cause. He is less a fan of Chapman who is just a jerk in every way and takes the time to drop this little nugget early in their relationships:.

This is the story of Elfangor, from his beginning as an aristh, an Andalite space cadet, to his time on Earth that no one but the Ellimist knows about. Re-morphing Taxxon, he stumbles upon Arbron, still in Taxxon morph as well.

One thing that puzzles me about this illustration though. Claustrophobia is a deeply ingrained trait in Andalites, and they loathe enclosed spaces. Next up, Tobias learns about his past. They were the primary race fighting the Yeerks and are known throughout the galaxy for their advanced technology. It was also another good part of the adventure.

This is when he gave the power to morph to them – the Animorphs. But sad thoughts aside, this book and your review are clearly made of chtonicles I’d never read anything like it. I believe you will need to acquire me. They are forced to use the Time Matrix to escape, which takes them to a fragmented universe created from Elfangor, Loren, and the Yeerk now Visser Thirty-Two ‘s memories.


In the end of the book, the Ellimist informs Elfangor that Arbron still lives back on the Taxxon andlite world xndalite the free Taxxon hive. As presumably there are three.

And when he describes peculiar Earth stuff, he is not really doing so for the benefit of his Andalite readership, he is trying to give his son a reference to understand where he himself is coming from and how he reacted to things with which an Earth human would be familiar. I thought the Yeerks won because of Visser Three’s tactics, hiding the Blade ship in a lunar crater.

The Andalite Chronicles – Wikipedia

On the way, he is captured by a hive of Animorphw where he finds Arbron. I thought it might have been an Animorph security issue. They have small rituals, which mostly involve reciting prayer-like words, at certain events. However, these noble characteristics are accompanied by others that may be surprisingly backwards to the eyes of supposedly inferior species: They bury the Time Matrix, deciding it is too dangerous a weapon for any one species to control. A Quantum Virus was developed for the sole purpose of eliminating all Hork-Bajir in order to weaken the Yeerks.

Okay fine it’s not that funny but I laughed more than I should. He marries Loren adnalite goes into computer science in college. Jan 07, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: