The Extron DVS is a high performance video scaler that includes three HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog. Find great deals for Extron DVS a Digital Video Scaler W/ Audio Switching Dvsa Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Extron DVS Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Extron drops an absolute BOMB! They were totally green to what we actually do, and rather intrigued and excited about how we have been using their product I think they are used to this kind of genuine interest on a installer level, not the user level.

It features advanced Extron video signal processing with i deinterlacing, Deep Color processing, and true seamless switching for professional-quality presentations. Auto-switching between inputs streamlines system operation as well as integration with presentation switchers or matrix switchers. This provides immediate visual confirmation that the protected content cannot be viewed on this display. This advanced video processor also features high performance deinterlacing of i and standard definition video to deliver optimal image quality through advanced motion compensation.

Create Professional Quality Presentations with Seamless Switching and Picture-in-Picture The advanced video processing in the DVS enables high quality, professional presentations with true seamless switching between Inputs 1 to 4 with selectable cut or dissolve transitions. The DVS also features a flexible PIP picture-in-picture mode that allows any two video sources connected to Inputs 1 to 4 to be shown on one display.

Several PIP presets are available, including side-by-side windows, and the PIP window can be dynamically sized and positioned anywhere in the image. Gain and attenuation can be adjusted for each input, and the DVS provides master volume control. Any input audio signal can be embedded onto the HDMI output. Remote configuration and control are available via RS, Ethernet, and USB, plus contact closure to control input switching.

The DVS is housed in a 1U enclosure and can easily be integrated into many environments. Two analog universal video inputs automatically detect incoming RGB, HD component video, S-video, or composite video signals. Supported HDMI specification features include data rates up to 6.

Extron Electronics DVS 605 User Manual

Advanced scaling engine — The DVS features a high performance bit scaling engine with the ability to scale high resolution computer-video and HDTV as well as standard definition video up or down in resolution. True seamless switching — Seamless cut and dissolve transition effects are available for Inputs 1 to 4 to enhance and deliver professional quality presentations.

Input 5 features glitch-free switching with a fade to black. PIP – picture-in-picture — For Inputs 1 to 4, the DVS provides the flexibility to allow unrestricted two-window display of standard definition and high resolution digital and analog video sources. Several PIP presets are available, including side-by-side windows. The main and PIP windows can be dynamically sized, positioned, and magnified. Auto Input Format Detection — For the universal analog video inputs, the DVS detects the incoming signal format, automatically reconfiguring itself to provide the appropriate decoding and signal processing.

This feature can reduce the number of required outputs for a matrix switcher, lowering system cost while improving manageability. Auto-switching between inputs — The DVS can automatically switch between input sources.

With auto-switching, the DVS can accommodate additional inputs when connected to the outputs of a larger presentation switcher, such as the MPS This allows for simple, quick, and easy signal and HDCP verification through RS or Ethernet, providing valuable feedback to a system operator or helpdesk support staff.


Extron DVS 605 AD

HDCP Visual Confirmation provides a green signal when encrypted content is sent to a non-compliant display — A full-screen green signal is sent when HDCP-encrypted content is transmitted to a non-HDCP compliant display, providing immediate visual confirmation that protected content cannot be viewed on the display. Image freeze control — A live image can be frozen using RS serial control or Ethernet control. Auto Input Memory — When activated, the DVS automatically stores size, position, and picture settings based on the incoming signal.

When the same signal is detected again, these image settings are automatically recalled from memory. On-screen display — The DVS features an on-screen display which displays status information pertaining to the currently selected input, and facilitates easy adjustment of picture settings.

On-screen input labels — An on-screen text label may be assigned to each input, and to each incoming signal for the universal video inputs. The label can be up to 16 characters and input via RS or Ethernet. This feature is especially useful when identifying incoming signals from a matrix switcher. Power Save and standby modes — The DVS can be set to automatically mute video and sync output to the display device when no active input signal is detected.

This allows the projector or flat-panel display to automatically enter into standby mode to save energy and enhance lamp or panel life.

Extron DVS A – MicroK12

Picture controls for brightness, contrast, color, tint, and detail, as well as horizontal and vertical positioning, and sizing — 16 user memory presets are available for each input to store all image settings.

Motion adaptive i and SD deinterlacing — The DVS provides high performance deinterlacing for i and standard definition signals from sources including cable or satellite set-top boxes, delivering optimized image quality through advanced motion compensation.

Aspect ratio control — The aspect ratio of the video output can be controlled by selecting a FILL mode, which provides a full screen output, or a FOLLOW mode, which preserves the original aspect ratio of the input signal. Internal test patterns for calibration and setup — The DVS offers 14 test patterns, including a crop pattern, crosshatch, 16 bar grayscale, color bars, alternating pixels, ramp, white field, 4 x 4 crosshatch, and four aspect ratio patterns — 1.

Output volume control — DVS audio models provide master volume control. Fixed and variable line level outputs are available, and each output can be balanced or unbalanced. Stereo input signals can be output as dual mono.

Audio input gain and attenuation — Gain or attenuation can be adjusted for each input to eliminate noticeable differences when switching between sources. Audio breakaway — Provides the capability to break an audio signal away from its corresponding video signal and route to the audio outputs, allowing the audio channels to be operated as a separate switcher.

Audio switching transitions — A transition technique applied during switches that lowers the audio of the switched-out source while simultaneously bringing up the audio of the activated source. The duration of the audio crossfade matches the duration of the video switching transition. Integrated audio delay — The audio output is automatically delayed to compensate for latency introduced by the video processing.

The audio delay can also be adjusted to a defined setting.

Extron DVS D – *2 HDCP-Compliant Scaler with Seamless Switching and 3G-SDI Output

Genlock allows synchronization to an external reference signal for integration into broadcast and production applications. Front panel security lockout — This feature locks out all front panel functions except for input selection; all functions however, are 65 through RS control. An intuitive Web interface is included for such common functions as input switching.

  LEI 11689 PDF

Front panel USB configuration port — Enables easy configuration without having to access the rear panel. Contact closure ports — Can be used for external control of source switching. I am sure the pricing will be on the higher side.

Just curious as to what applications you are seeing a need for it. Only the proprietary control over the RS port, extroh An HD mixer priced cheaper than a small car would be a big deal for what I’m working on, but I don’t know if this quite gets there.

Sounds like it does similar things to the Extron. I guess you could always downgrade via VGA into an analog converter. But of course they’re tons more. Happy with my but of course always looking for something better.

I just wish my venues would upgrade away from composite. You guys were right NTSC only. Im supposed to talk to some people next week. Because of the small market?

I can’t imagine these things cost too much too make. Also by the way new EP coming for Video Report next week! DJ JT Stevens 1: Looks like the A is longer and thinner and has inputs for audio switching. Seems to be the same otherwise though. DJ JT Stevens 6: Makes me want to trade my in for one of these guys.

Is everything else basically the same? Does yours have the DVI output? LAN port, web browser, input selection on front panel, built-in test patterns crop, alternating pixels, colorbar and a few other minor differences. DJ Exgron Stevens 9: The fact that the inputs can recall specific settings is really useful and the automatic upscaling is sweet too.

Right now the only ones I’m seeing are the A’s with the audio switching. Looks like it might be a bit cumbersome to carry around and set up edtron small areas so I’ll keep looking for a regular DJ JT Stevens Looking forward to trying this thing out.

Would you say that the makes the that I have obsolete?

The guy had 3, including the one I bought, and they’re all sold now. Seriously took no more than 30 minutes. DJ JT Stevens 3: Yeah, I had a feeling the guy had no clue what he was selling. Seems like a lot of the people selling Extron stuff don’t know the real value since they’re usually wholesaling it. I was trying to get an MSRP on the but couldn’t find one. Figured it was up there though. Let’s just hope the thing works when receive it. If not I’ll get in svs with Extron and see what they can do.

If it does then I’ll decide whether or not to keep the as rvs backup. JC, I see one on there. It’s the other listing I was watching before I saw the one I ultimately bit on. The regular ‘s say “Digital Video Scaler”. There was no way I was letting that one slip by. It’s just the skeptic in me